December 3, 2008


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Real beauty is the spiritual accord that is called love
which can exist between a man and a woman.
Only our spirits can understand beauty
or live and grow with it.
It puzzles our minds,
We are unable to describe it in words,
it is a sensation that our eyes cannot see,
derived from both the one who observes
and the one who is looked upon.
Beauty is that which attacks your soul,
and that which loves to give and not to receive.
All can hear, but only the sensitive can understand.

– Khalil Gibran


Beauty is the ineffable radiance of the pure in heart.  It transcends ethnicity, colour and creed.  Beauty is Truth.  It is the soul’s passport to heaven.

True beauty is not skin deep.  It is the aura that surrounds the pure in heart.

Physical beauty alone cannot inspire love.  We are enamoured and fascinated by it.  We love in spite of it and  and transform the object loved into a thing of beauty.

– Taken from Flashes of Light by Randall Butisingh.


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