December 2, 2008


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By Jalaluddin Rumi,  translated by Kabir and Camille Helminski

Till the cloud weeps, how should the garden smile?
The weeping of the cloud and the burning of the sun
are the pillars of this world:: twist these two strands together.
Since the searing heat of the sun and the moisture of the clouds
keep the world fresh and sweet,
keep the sun of your intelligence burning bright
and your eyes glistening with tears.

In the presence of His Glory
closely watch your heart
so your thoughts won’t shame you.
For He sees guilt, opinion and desire
as plainly as a hair in pure milk.

Jalaludddin Rumi was a master of the Sufi tradition, the mystical branch of Islam.  In his poetry, Rumi calls to us from beyond the concerns of institutional religion and limiting beliefs, a clear powerful voice of Divine, ecstatic Love; he awakens us to the possibility of a direct and intimate relationship with the Divine.  Through his masterful verse, Rumi shows that not only could God be our beloved, but that we are the beloved of God.

Kabir Helminski


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  1. Abdur Rahman said,

    Peace Randall,

    Beautiful quotations from Mevlana Rumi (may God sanctify his noble soul). Thank you for sharing them

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