November 29, 2008


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Written in 1959 by Cecile Burgan-Nobrega; British Guiana gained independence from Britain in 1966 after which its name was changed to Guyana. Cecile Burgan-Nobrega emigrated to England after Independence and envisioned and created “The Bronze Woman Statue”, recently unveiled in Stockwell, London. See our entry on this unveiling here:


I believe in Guiana, the Land of my birth.
The land of great promise, and laughter and mirth
In trees so stalwart as greenheart can be
In great rivers that run straight into the sea;
In Kaieteur serene, with her majestic flow
of colour unsurpassed e’en by the rainbow;
In her prairies, her swamps,
Her gravel, her mud;
I’m proud of being Guianese born.

God bless her people
And give them grace
To cleave together as one Race
Teach our sons this Creed from their birth

“I Believe in Guiana – The Land of My Birth”


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