November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

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“Let us give thanks to the Lord for He is gracious and His mercies endureth for ever”. Psalm 136 :`1

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my brothers and sisters all over the world.  May you be reminded to give thanks at all times and at all seasons; and though we may not know why things may not look good to us at some times, a wise Providence has ordained it so for our ultimate salvation.  Thanks giving is lifting up our hearts in praise to God and to share of His bounty with our fellow men.  We can only find true happiness when we make others happy. Those who bring sunshine in the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.

It may seem odd or crazy to think that we should thank God for this present crisis which has caused great concern and suffering in many parts of the earth.  This great country, the USA, the land of opportunity was heading in the wrong direction, setting wrong values. an obsession with money and sex. a system of teaching that does not deserve to be called education, where there is lack of discipline, where kids carry guns to school to kill their teachers, a bombardment with violence on screen, television, comic books and even toys. a starvation minimum wage,  two percent of the nation holding half of the Nation’s wealth and sitting on it, and thirty six million living in poverty, the piling  up of arms and ammunition to destroy, rather than trying to build friendships, and preachers of the gospel (not all of them) greedy money grabbers, athletes, most of them from poor, abusive homes, rather than good pastors and teachers  becoming role models for our children; corruption among those at the top; the enormous waste of food, when millions in our own country  starve and many scrounge in garbage bins and sleep in open parks and under bridges; the huge unemployment rate and the crime rate.

The result; a Wake-up call, a new Leader has arisen among the people and has captured the imagination of every ethnic group and the admiration of the world; a man of vision and integrity, of courage and ability.  This is the change that was needed, and it was brought about chiefly because of the present crisis.  Now, where shopping was a hobby for some who spend on things that they do no need and clutter their homes with them will have to change their life-style.  They will see the need for saving and recycling.  We are now moving in a new direction, towards the time when nations will have to see one another, not as a threat, but as “brothers of the clod”, as children of the one God, as indivisible humanity, interconnected, interrelated and interdependent and, it is hoped, will all labour for the common good. The Slogan should now read “Unite or Perish”.

-Randall Butisingh


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