November 27, 2008

Discussions with Brian Konkol -8

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Subject: RE: Dialogue and Discussion…


Thank you for the great words of support regarding my latest newsletter in relation to the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency of the USA. (See discussions with Brian Konkol-7 published Nov 24).  This particular writing was actually published in a few newspapers, so it clearly must have struck a chord.  Hopefully the concept of “dialogue” will take root and progress with be the result.

As I looked over your response, I continue to be amazed and astonished at how similar you and I perceive what is taking place in the United States and around the world.  What I find a bit comical about all of this is that, on a surface level, you and I “should” be totally different in our views (…considering our differences in age and cultural upbringing), but yet we seem to see eye-to-eye on so much.  It’s amazing how it all works!

What I dearly appreciate about what you wrote was the concept of how the United States could better use its power around the world.  Unfortunately, the past eight years has left the global community seeing us as the “big bad bully” who does whatever it wishes “because we can” and because “no one can tell us not to.”  On the bright side, I believe one of the many reasons that people around the world are excited about Barack Obama is that he shows a willingness to consider all sides of an argument before making a final decision.  Yes indeed, people are excited because of him being the first black President (…as they should!), but I believe the global community is even more excited because of his willingness to exchange in discussion and dialogue, instead of simply using power to manipulate situations to the sole narrow-minded interests of the United States.  As a friend of mine once said, people are tired of the United States using the “bulldozer” method of mediation, and are now ready for the “consensus” method instead.

All in all, like many others around the world, I too am very excited for a Barack Obama presidency.  My only fear is that the expectations are too high.  Over the past eight years we have seen the USA go into a deep hole, and it might take another eight years just to get us out of it.  My hope and prayer is that, instead of playing politics and trying to sabbotage him, the Republicans would work alongside President Obama and have the interests of the people (…and not only the interests of the party) in mind.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks again for your kind words and thought-provoking discussion!  God’s blessings to you this day and always…

With peace,



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  1. Randall Butisingh said,

    Subject: RE: Dialogue and Discussion…
    Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 06:46:58 -0500


    I agree with you when you said that you feared that the expectations of the American people would be high with the new presidency. That is usually the case when an unpopular government is defeated or a dictator id ousted. It happened in the Phillipines when th arch dictator Marcos was defeated at the polls and a popular woman president was elected. It happened in Rhodesia when Robert Mugabe defeated a white president and grabbed the lands of the rich farmers and shared them among the people who were ill prepared to exploit them. It happened in South Africa when the wise Nelson Mandella became president and Apartheid was abolished. the people, released like a bird from a cage, sniffing the air of freedom thought that prosperity would be automatic, but they were sadly disappointed. Prosperity comes to a nation that is prepared to work hard and be committed.

    I do not think that it will be as bad as that with the Obama presidency. The electorate is more enlightened. All the strata from the elite to the man in the street are involved and, it is my opinion that, knowing the deep financial hole the nation is in, will be more empathetic with their leader who they are confident has the ability, the commitment, the dedication, the physical and mental fortitude to pull the nation out in the least possible time.

    At the same time they all have to pray for Divine guidance, and to thank Him for whatever will be His will, for “man without God cannot, and God without man will not”.

    Love, Joy, Peace,


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