November 16, 2008

What Religious Scholars should know about Islam

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This post is extract from an article written by Moiez A. Tapia, Ph D, Chairman Emeritus, Universal Heritage Institute.  It is well that everyone should know the truth about Islam and not go about making false accusations and stereotyping because of the conduct of a small minority who profess to be Muslims but do not behave as such.  They are less than one thousandth of one percent of the 1.2 billions Muslims in the world.

Here is what Moiez A. Tapia says:

Muslims worship God that Prophets Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and all the other Biblical Prophets (PBUT) worshipped.  Allaah is an Arabic word for God.

The Noble Qur’aan frequently incites us to think and think logically, to use our reason and intellect, to ponder and reflect.  It encourages us to observe and contemplate on the universe around us.  When Europe was sleeping in darkness, it was Muslims, who, inspired by the Noble Qur’aan, made fundamental contributions in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, agriculture and other sciences and awakened Europeans..  Muslims laid the foundation for modern civilization.

Muhammad (PBUH) was sent only as a mercy for mankind, to establish justice and peace and reemphasize the unity of God and the unity of human being as one brotherhood, irrespective of race, colour, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc.  He brought the unity of laws and integrated laws governing any aspect of our life with Divine Laws  We cannot have man made laws that violate Divine Laws  No Islamic state, for example, can pass a law that legalize marriage or union between persons of the same sex.  He brought many rights for women that they did not have before his time.

Life is sacred.  Killing even one life is equivalent to killing the whole humanity according to the Qur’aan.

War is permitted for self-defense and to liberate an oppressed nation when the people cry out for help.  Killing of innocent people by suicidal killers is not permitted, contrary to what some mistakenly believe.

There are many verses in the Holy Qur’aan that command tolerance and forbid spreading the religion by force.  The Noble Qur’aan (5;48) says that if God wanted to create only one community with all people in it following one religion, He would have done so..  However, he created distinct communities following distinct religions to compete with each other to do good deeds.

Verse 62 of Chapter 2 of the Noble Qur’aan says that Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sabians, and any one who believes in God and does good deeds will not have grief and will have their reward from the Lord.

A Muslim is obligated  to respect and believe in all the Biblical prophets and the prophets sent to different parts of the world at different times since Prophet Adam (PBUH).  In fact all these prophets were Muslims.

A Muslim is obligated to believe in the messages that God sent through all the prophets as mentioned above and not make a distinction between different prophets (PBUT).

Jews and Christians have a special status in Islam; they are referred to as the People of the Book.  They are not pagans in Islamic terms.

Islam forbids damaging, destroying or vandalizing of churches, synagogues and mosques.


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