November 10, 2008

Love versus Vanity

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Let me be the guest in a hovel where Love is the host and Contentment is  the daily dessert to a simple fare,  rather than be the guest in a palace in which Vanity presides and Surfeiting savours the rich repast.

This thought is taken from “Flashes of Light” by Randall Butisingh.


This thought goes to show the salutary effect of the virtues of Love and Contentment rather than its  opposite of Vanity and Surfeiting. The simple fare eaten in a hut, in and atmosphere of Love and Contentment, is more palatable and more conducive to health than the rich repast of the multiple dishes of the mansion where there may not even be comradeship, and where the tendency would be to gorge until there is surfeiting.  Some view food as an end in itself and not a means.  Most of the illnesses today are caused by the abuse of food.  We eat to live and not live to eat; and the diet need not be spiced up to entice the appetite as “hunger is the best sauce.” It should also be noted that the corollary to hunger is hard  work where the physical being is utilized.  The tendency of civilized man is is to earn his bread and to acquire wealth and comfort without the physical activity which goes into working,   That is the reason why there is so much overweight and obesity. with their concomitant illnesses and so much need for the physician.

As an after thought, let me mention that a hut can be a home where a number of persons can huddle together, giving warmth to one another and sharing the little they have, while a mansion may be too small for the few where each wants more than the other of the abundance that it provides.

Randall Butisingh



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