November 4, 2008


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My mind is calm.
I choose my thoughts carefully.
I am guided only to secure pathways.
It is my right to be happy and successful.
And so it is!

– Rita Sandler



It is said that “you are what you eat”. It can also be said that “you are what you think”. The body and mind and spirit are all formed by the environments we create and the inputs we have physically, spiritually and emotionally around us. The vibrations we exude attract similar vibrations so we have to be careful of what we think at all times. What we visualize in our minds can present itself in physical reality … so what you think is very important.

Many teachers promoting the idea of “positive thinking” talk about “visualization” or contemplating the outputs as real even before they happen, so it is important to attract the right vibrations so that the positive outcomes we expect become reality. Some people do not believe that this positive thinking stuff is of any use, however others who believe in it can show instances where it has been successful for them. In any case it is difficult to prove as the non-believers as they would say that the outcome could have been the same anyway.

However, what is wrong with thinking positively all the time and surrounding yourself with positive ideas and people? It sure could not hurt to think positively as negative thoughts may be disastrous and can cause illness and negative outcomes, so why dwell on the negatives around you – think positively!. Negative thoughts or actions are non-productive anyway, so become positive and stay in that mode at all times so that positive energy is attracted to your aura and you become a shining example of peace and harmony and success for others to emulate. Your health may also  improve as positive energy flows around and through you. … Become a believer in “positive thinking”.

— Cyril Bryan


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  1. Josten said,

    Great post

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