November 2, 2008


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by H. N. Fifer

What was his creed?
I do not know his creed, I only know
That here below , he walked the common road
And lifted many a load, lightened the task,
Brightened the day for others toiling on a weary way;
This, his only meed; I do not know his creed.

His creed? I care not what his creed;
Enough that never yielded he to greed,
But served a brother in his daily need;
Plucked many a thorn and planted many a flower;
Glorified the service of each hour;
Had faith in God, himself, and fellow mem;-
Perchance he never thought in terms of creed,
I only know he lived a life, in deed !


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  1. Joe Weber said,

    Who was H.N. FIFER. I am writing an anthology of poems and need information about him. I will send you a copy when the books is completed.
    Joe Weber
    604 XCentre Street
    Ashland, PA 17921

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