October 31, 2008

A follow up information on Hinduism

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THE TEACHINGS OF A GURU (spiritual preceptor), an aspect of Hinduism.

Spiritual liberation is the main provision that a Guru makes for disciples.  The sadhana or means of achieving this end may vary.  Concentration may be on a particular method of meditation.  Now-a-days service in Indian Society is frequently stressed.

A DAY IN THE ASHRAM ( Hermitage, may be a collection of buildings)

This is just one account.  Other ashrams may have different ways of life, but there will always be some form of discipline, or ashram dharam, which is strictly adhered to.

3.30  Rise and bathe

4.3O  Arati (ceremony performing in adoration of a deity or some important personage or guest by      circular movement of a lighted lamp before the person.

7. 00  Breakfast.  A simple meal of sliced bread and tea.

8. 00  Seva (selfless service), that is offering work to God as a form of worship.  It may take the form of washing the dishes, cleaning latrines, gardening or generally keeping the ashram clean.  Devotees must do what is required of them.  Through this they learn obedience.

11. 45  Chanting.

12.00  Lunch, followed by rest.

2. 00  Return to seva.  Seva may mean going from the ashram in a jeep  or lorry to give service in the wider community, manning mobile clinics, providing milk and food to children.

During the afternoon period the Guru gives darshan (sight, view, a term used to express a sense of deference)  Members who wish to receive darshan gather, seated in an open area in the Guru’s presence. When the attendants tap them on the shoulder with a fan , they may approach the Guru for an audience. The Guru will know who is in need of darshan and what the nature of the need is.

6. 30  Tea, followed by arati and evening chanting.

9. 15  Bedtime.

This is a daily routine, no exceptions, in an Ashram.

days service in Indian society is frequently stresses.


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