October 28, 2008

“Love saw without eyes”

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Some years ago I fortuitously came across a programme where two blind and deaf male and female were serving in an institution for the handicapped. It happened that one day these two individuals stumbled into each other in the hallway and instinctively held hands. The response was immediate – Love at first touch. This incident inspired me to write a poem, LOVE  SAW WITHOUT EYES. Later they got married and were interviewed by Barbara Walters. This couple, I found out in another programme was able to live by themselves and was even able to do their own cooking. Here is the poem:


They found love-

these kindred souls with lights blown out
And ears estranged to sound.
Fate drew them close that fateful day
when groping hands touched faithfully and held;
Then Cupid ever watchful with swift wings
sped the sure shaft that reached their willing hearts.

Then hands that thrilled to touch saw beauty, held eternity.
Ah Beauteous moment ! when soul found soul
And love saw without eyes;
When beauty proved to be the soul’s creation
and senses lost to be eternal gain.
Love on! For beauty perishes not
as comeliness with age.

– Randall Butisingh


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