October 23, 2008

Saving the environment

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With the gradual destruction of planet earth  by the continuous drawing out from the earth of fossil fuels and enormous quantities of water for manufacturing purposes, and the diminishing of the environment by the use of fossil fuels, any further thought of drilling for oil either on land or in the sea will be irresponsible, inconsiderate and if you look at it closely even criminal.

There are other sources available and which could be exploited, such as wind, water, the sun and bio fuel which will supply clean energy and have a healing effect on the environment.  The environment needs to be protected, even if sacrifices have to be made and belts have to be tightened or else the present generation will leave a legacy of doom for future generations.

Even  now, in this country we can see that many who have been wallowing in luxury have been deprived of all they had by the forces of nature which have to some extent been triggered by the lack of vision and indiscretion of man. The recent floods in the Southern USA should be a serious warning to all of what can happen anywhere.  Those who could not have lived on the bare amenities now have to subsist on the bare necessities and endure gross inconveniences.  This is a lesson on the transitory and changing nature of all things material.

The present economic crisis which was propelled by this country, the USA, chiefly by the gross indistribution of wealth,and has touched all nations must be a lesson to all of our interconnectedness and interdependence; and that all must now unite if we would like to save this planet and make this world a better place for our children and future generations.

— Randall Butisingh


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