October 16, 2008

Thought for today

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THE HISTORY BOOKS are full of stories of gifted people whose talents were overlooked by a procession of people until some one believed in them. Albert Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before before he could read. Isaac Newton did poorly in grade school. A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he had “no good ideas”. Werner von Braun failed ninth-grade algebra. Haydn gave up making a musician of Beethoven, who seemed a slow and plodding man with no apparent talent.

There is a lesson in such stories. Different people develop at different rates, and the best motivators are always on the lookout for hidden capacities.



When I was a young teacher, in an elementary school, there was a boy in the class of my colleague and friend who was very slow. One day I happened to hear my colleague label him a dunce. I told him; ‘”He may be slow with his basics, but he may have a hidden talent which you have not discovered.” Many years later a young man came up to me and said: “Do you remember when I was a boy in school, what you told my teacher, when he called me a dunce, and what you told him? Today I am a carpenter and foreman to a gang of workmen.” One of my own sons performed poorly in school, failed in all the grades; but today he is expert in every field in construction and cabinet making, He is also able to read and write a good letter. I also remember Charlie. He was a recalcitrant, a failure in class. The teachers gave up on him. He was suspended. I took him under my wing and he became almost one of my household. He was able to make things with his hands. He was skilled in making door mats from old rope and coir and later as an adult he became a good painter (OF HOUSES)

There are two kinds of intelligence, basic and effective, and the skilful teacher is able to discover this early in the life of the child and encourage it. We cannot give up on any of our children simply because they perform badly with the academics. There are various other fields where they may be able to excel.

Randall Butisingh


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