October 11, 2008


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By: Randall Butisingh

This entry is my response to  yesterday’s entry (CREDIT CRISIS -1) by my friend Cyril Bryan, Guest Contributor to this blog.

The Credit Crisis is due to a great extent to greed, bad work ethics, hoarding of vast sums of money that can be put to good use, and waste. But my purpose here is to reiterate what I have said time and again, that in a civil society where there is the need for Specialization, individuals and nations cannot live in isolation. We need one another. Whatever affects one will affect all as we see in the present economical crisis. Also because of modern technology which enables us to travel at great speed, the world has shrunk, artificial barriers can be surmounted; our voices can reach any part of the world almost instantaneously. We are now living as one writer puts it ‘as if we are in one house’.

This precarious interdependence in our highly developed modern society posits the indivisibility of humanity and the unity of spirit. Man therefore cannot build barriers of racial and class or national prejudices against his fellow man. Every unit is necessary, however insignificant it may seem, in the whole pattern of the mosaic which is modern society.


Here are some of the points I presented in a previous article about fifty years ago.


“Now that man has overcome the barriers of time and space, segregated nations have become neighbours, and artificial barriers are now ineffective against an invader. With increasing population, the need for modern conveniences to keep pace with life, and the natural resources, not evenly distributed, nations too have become interdependent, and there should not remain then the invisible barriers of prejudice and isolationism which divide, and frustrate unity.”


All scientific progress in man points to a global unity, a recognition of a Universal Brotherhood; but as a bold cleric puts it: “Man, the animal is recalcitrant. Long after the ape has been driven out of him, there remains the donkey.” If he does not heed the longing of his higher self for unity, and continues to be led by his baser nature, his own tangible means for survival will lead to his undoing.


–Randall Butisingh


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