October 9, 2008

Thought for today

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Oh! This my mobile living home
made of flesh, blood and bone
acquired through a non-negotiable loan
mortgaged to Him and Him alone.

Yes! From base to attic
and all around
mysreriously and wonderfully
marvellous facilities fully surround.

Built-in are numerous
sophisticated and sensitive fixtures
activated by pain, joy sorrow and pleasure.

Unlimited occupancy,
rights and liberties at leisure,
But unfortunately,
not guaranteed against foreclosure.
For, depending on what is being harboured,
or adored,
Without notice, it can be foreclosed.

Baljit Singh

About the Author

Baljit Singh, born in Guyana in 1942, was my pupil when I was a teacher at the Non Pareil Anglican Primary School. He dropped out when he was in the middle division. When I met him again as an adult, he was a successful gardener and taxi driver. Because of the situation in Guyana after its independence, he migrated to the USA where he continued to succeed as businessman. His hobbies now are gardening and poetry writing. Baljit has an interest in religious philosophy and the issues of every day life. His poems have a unique flavour and though, not scholarly, is full of wisdom.

He Is a father with two boys and two girls and grandchildren.
Randall Butisingh


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