September 15, 2008


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We are in the midst of the 2008 USA Presidential campaign and “Drill! Baby! Drill!” is the slogan of an aging war veteran  presidential hopeful and his glib and attractive younger female running mate. They are promising to shake up the White House, but in reality their real objective could be to give further tax breaks to the oil companies and to the rich who are already cloying with abundance. They are also hell bent on retaining a top-heavy backward-looking economy that only gives lip service to alternate energy and promote policies that will further destroy the environment. Sadly they have the support of an admiring, misguided and misinformed following.

What has happened now in mid- September 2008, before their very eyes, is the devastation in oil-producing Texas by Hurricane Ike, which is sending gas prices sky-high. The frequency and intensity of hurricanes should make them realize that man has done his worst to cause global warming, emitting vast quantities of carbon in the air by the burning of fossil fuels.  Not only are we now threatened with more intensive droughts, hurricanes and floods, but the lives of our partners in the animal and insect dominion are endangered, and the melting ice in the Arctic region is beginning to inundate low lying islands in the Pacific and portions in other places.

So, to drill off shore for more fossil fuels will not only further diminish the environment, but will help to increase global warming and aggravate the already critical situation. To drill to produce more fossil fuels for short time convenience will be like the civilized man who cuts down a whole papaya tree to get the fruits that were on it. Our leaders should be like the Aborigines in Australia who would not cut down a tree no matter how much he needs the wood.  Just look at the situation in Haiti and the danger caused to the environment by the wanton destruction of its trees for fuel.

Where there is no vision the people perish. Know then that Nature has all along been taking a battering from selfish and greedy man. It is nature’s turn now to retaliate and she is doing it with a vengeance.  Have we reached the point of no return?  Some say we have, but we can halt and possibly reverse the trend, but it will take will, goodwill, sacrifice and the involvement and prayers of every nation. Most of all we need world leaders who would actively promote and even finance the new technologies that would produce carbon free fuel and eliminate the need for the fossil fuels we are  addicted to.

–Randall Butisingh



  1. randallbutisingh said,

    Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 01:33:57 -0700
    Subject: Re: Drill, baby, drill…


    Your forwarded messages are always very thought-provoking…thank you!

    I’m far from from a scientific expert (..and I have the below-average college marks to prove it!), which always makes me hesitate before commenting on the specifics of global-warming issues. However, my instincts tell me that the relationship between pollution, global warming, and the increase in violent weather is no coincidence. From the little bit that I have read about the issues, it seems to me that not only is our destruction of the planet a moral and spiritual issue, but with each passing day it is becoming more of a public health issue as well. Sadly, those most affected by global warming are those in the developing world, which as you know as those who contribute least to the problems. It is another example of how the poor and marginalized of our world are harmed by the arrogance and destructiveness of the wealthy minority.

    Along those lines…this past week I finished reading ‘The End of Poverty’ by Jeffery Sachs (United Nations and Columbia University), and it most certainly provided me with increased insight into how we can work within the trends of globalization in order to lift the quality of life for those living in extreme economic poverty. As I am not much of an economics expert, it was really good to learn of some of the basic development principles from the economics point of view. All in all, when it comes to all these things, I do believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ does have something to say about how we organize and function within our various communities (both local and global), so the more we can learn about global warming, economics, and so on, the better off we can be when trying to transform them.

    As always, it’s great to hear from you and keep getting thought-provoking messages. Your wealth of knowledge is a great asset to me and my continual development.

    I hope all is well with you and your loved ones!

    With peace,

    Brian Konkol

    • randallbutisingh said,

      Brian, Man has abused his God-given intelligence. To acquire as much as he can to fill his greed, he will do whatever it takes. but money or material goods cannot fill an empty soul. So, altough he appears rich, he is in need. While, the enlightened, who has little, is full enough to share with a needy brother. His soul is filled indeed; he is rich.

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