September 5, 2008


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Where there is no vision, the people perish.

With a diminished environment caused by the spewing of enormous quantities of carbon dioxide into the air, causing the Greenhouse effect and Global Warming with its concomitant acid rain and widespread pollution, the Republicans are pledging to drill for oil in the offshore. This will further hazard the environment and produce more pollution in an already heavily laden polluted atmosphere.

If this happens, and efforts are not made to find alternative sources of energy, it will be a blunder in comparison with that which was thwarted by the efforts of a woman, whose vision helped to save the Everglades from destruction, or like the one supported by the Republican nominee in the preemptive and unprovoked war on Iraq.

The time taken between drilling and production of fossil fuels, which may be ten or more years from now, could very well be spent in exploiting cleaner sources of energy like solar, water, wind and bio fuels which will not degrade the environment or emit carbon dioxide.

The politicians who are supporting drilling are like the man who cut down a whole papaya tree to get the one fruit that was on it. Get wise, like the Aborigine in Australia who will never cut down a tree, no matter how much he needs the wood.


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  1. Interesting perspective, I see economics as the primary reason for this. At the point where we are right now, oil has a much higher net-energy yield. And, investing in cleaner sources of energy is easier said than done. Do you agree that it can be a “both…and” situation, with offshore drilling giving us more time to develop clean technologies? Speaking of tradeoffs, these two links address environmental degradation (2nd addresses solutions)

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