July 28, 2008


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My dear brothers and sisters.

I need not remind you, but you know that hard times has descended on the land.  With the price of fuel, prohibitive to most, the cost of foodstuffs  doubling and wages not increasing, jobs being lost, mortgages cannot be paid, homes being devastated by tornadoes, floods and fires, it is incumbent on us to take stock, change our life style and live simply.

We are being lured  by advertisements to buy what we do not need. What is needed is not high living and low thinking, but simple living and high thinking.  We need to recycle as much as possible, then we will litter less.  We need to cut down our wardrobe drastically.  I know, and have seen in some homes where the wardrobe of small wage earners is enough to start a small business and toys for their children that can fill a living room.

The time has come when you have to cut down on most of the amenities.  Buying of luxuries and things that do not necessarily sustain life should be considered waste of money at this time.  These are not the days for credit cards; get rid of them.  If you can afford to pay for them, you can do without them.  Do not waste food, we have been doing that all along.  It is said the food that Americans waste could feed the whole of Canada.. When you dump left overs in the trashcan, think of those in other parts of the world and even in your own country who go hungry every day.  I

i tell you the day is coming when there will not be enough food, for the sea, one of our main sources of food is being polluted and depleted, and that which we grow will not be enough to feed the increasing population in a diminishing environment.

There are some who have seen the writing on the wall and are warning of the impending doom,  The majority keep babbling about the economy and other less important matters.  Saving the environment should be our chief priority.  What good will the economy be in a devastated environmentt

__ Randall Butisingh


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