July 21, 2008


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Randall Butisingh – Newspaper Interview: Question 6 of 10.


Randall Butisingh was recently asked a number of questions by a newspaper feature writer. This was the sixth of ten questions with the answer. We will feature these questions and answers in ten blog entries.

Do you think life is better in Florida than in Guyana?

Answer: There are differences in the life in Florida and that in Guyana.  It is how one chooses and is motivated that makes the difference.  In Florida which is subtropical there is always the concern about what the forces of nature may do: Storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, sometimes hail and frost which do much destruction.  Guyana, on the other hand, is in the tropics, has an equable climate and do not suffer from these forces of nature.  It has its occasional floods, but which could be alleviated by a proper drainage system which is sadly neglected.

In Florida, it is always a rush, work all the time to pay for the high cost of living with a ridiculous minimum wage. There is hardly much time to meet socially, except on Sundays, but not for all.  There is now a compulsory leisure with retrenchment and cut in hours due to the state of the economy and which is causing much hardship.  In Guyana the cost of living is not so high; but obviously it depends on what you earn as some wages are very low. However, there is more leisure as friends and associates meet more often in religious gatherings and other places.

I remembered before 1972, when the country was prospering fairly well, and food was plentiful, wages adequate, not many thought of leaving the country, except for political reasons.  Missionaries who came at that time loved the country and hardly wanted to leave. Since I do not now live in Guyana I do not know for sure what the economy is like or why people seem to be leaving in such numbers, and why the reports are so negative. Like many, I get the news from newspapers; people I communicate with; or people who live there and have first-hand knowledge of life in Guyana today. The news is usually not good, and this is a tragedy for a country with such great potential.

I pray for Guyana and I hope that everyone there would learn that racial and political conflict and violence will never build a strong nation for us all to be proud of.


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