July 8, 2008


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By Rambindranath Tagore

The butterfly counts not months but moments,
and have time enough.

Every child comes with a message
that God is not tired of the world.

While God is waiting for his temple to be built
out of love, men bring bricks.

God seeks comrades and claims love,
The devil seeks slaves and claims obedience.

God loves to see in me, not his servant,
but Himself who serves all.

I am able to love my God because
He gives me the freedom to deny Him.

The worm thinks it strange and foolish
that men do not eat books.

The wise knows how to teach,
the fool how to smite.

The sectarian thinks that he has the sea
ladled into his private pool.

Man claims God’s flowers as his own
when he weaves them in a garland.
Rabindranath Tagore is one of the great modern poets.  He was the recipient of the 1913 Nobel Prize for literature.  His FIREFLIES, or brief poems are revelations of insight and beauty, hymns to
Love, Life, Nature and God.  These brief poems originated in China and Japan and were very often written on fans or on pieces of silk.

Macmillan also publishes Tagore’s Collected poems, the GITANJALI that earned him the award, and his  plays.  Tagore also wrote novels, was a musician and a celebrated songster who wrote his own compositions.

When India achieved Independence Tagore wrote the National Anthem.


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