July 5, 2008


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“Man, as we know him, is a comparative late-comer in the history of the earth and the tenuous film of life which its surface has supported. In certain respects he is one of the most fragile of living creatures yet – in the manner of his explosive appearance on the scene, and the ways in which he has profoundly altered the environment, within which he developed, he is the most powerful organism to have emerged so far.”

— R. Buckminster Fuller, I Inventory of World Resources, Trends, and Needs; Document 1 1963


Buckminster Fuller said in 1963, that Man has emerged as the most powerful evolutionary species on Earth.He wqas an optimist and he believed that Man could with the right choices, take control of his evolution. However, will this man-made evolutionary process continue unchecked? We live on “Spaceship Earth”, and we have a fragile existence that could collapse if the “systems” we have created fail. Globalization has positive aspects as it interconnects mankind worldwide. However its negative capabilities is complete failure if the systems fail, thus putting the whole world at risk.

Most of all the “economic progress” everyone craves has altered the natural environments in many ways.

The introduction of plastics and non-biodegradable products with all of their pollutants has created ecological and DNA damage as well as illnesses. Global warming effects are now being seen with floods and more violent storms as well as droughts and the loss of species. The warning is that if drastic measures are not taken that Earth’s ecological and physical balance will shift drastically causing worldwide famine and destruction.

Many are asking “ARE THESE THE END TIMES? There have been many writings in the Bible and other books that there will be a time when the world as we know it would end. The physical world will not end, but we as the most advanced entity in it may end. We may feel all-powerful and able to control our economies and the multiplicity of systems that make up the present integrated world. However, have we fully thought out what is really holding it all together? Also, what will happen if these systems fail or if there is ecological and economic collapse collapse?

Finally, who is in charge? Not the United Nations… they are toothless. Not the USA… they have not yet addressed global warming or shown any leadership in these perilous times. They are but a shell of a country living above its means, with a debilitating war. Do not look to Europe either. And China and India are dealing with their own massive internal problems with rising populations and depleted resources as they try to emulate the wasteful habits of the Western countries.

Bob Dylan said in one of his songs: “Something is happening here and I don’t know what it is. Do you Mr. Jones”. Many people feel uneasy that something is happening with “Spaceship Earth”, and that it is not good… they are looking for answers and for leadership that is non existent. Let us hope that our fears are unfounded although I doubt that they are.

–Cyril Bryan – cybryan@gmail.com


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