June 28, 2008


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A peep into “My Story” now being updated for publication

I felt great relief after my retirement (following the conditions that obtained in Education at that time). And although there were bright patches in my teaching career, when my innovativeness and originality were brought to bear in my vocation, and when the opportunity came for the fostering of life-long relationships – my wife was a pupil of mine – the system was a cause of much anxiety and frustration. I had left teaching on two occasions before and contemplated leaving for good. I envisaged an active, outdoor life. I was never money ambitious; I spent my spare time in physical exercises and any manual work that came my way. I was able to transform my body from a narrow, stooping shouldered, namby-pamby youth to a sturdy, strong adult. I ran, swam, skipped, played cricket, boxed and was for a while in a gymnastic group. I was never satisfied in being a mere spectator; I always wanted to be a performer. I could have lifted a hundred-pound bag of flour with my teeth twelve inches from the ground and carried a hundred and eighty pound bag of rice on my back up the steps of a ten-foot high building.. I practiced vegetarianism and led a sober, temperate life.

My dream was not for scholastic attainments or pecuniary awards. I would have been happy in a natural setting open to sun, wind and water, and feeling one with nature; but as I look back now, in the winter of my years, I am now eighty-three at the time of writing; notwithstanding my many failures and mistakes, I feel thankful that my life has been spared and I am grateful for whatever blessings I have received.

In the year 1972, the same year of my retirement, I read the life story of Helen Keller, the blind and deaf humanitarian. I was so moved by her courage, her faith and her accomplishments, that I began writing poetry. Those poems were not my first; I had written several before, but I was so motivated and inspired by her life that the words kept flowing. My compassion was awakened; my love for nature was such that I refrained from trampling even the tiniest wild flower in my path… Most of the poems I have written exude feeling for the handicapped and the underprivileged.

In the same year I published two slim volumes; “Love’s Light” and “Wild Flowers”, the proceeds of which I gave to the Society for the Blind in Guyana. To date, I have written over seventy poems.

Randall Butisingh


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  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    Please grace the world with some more of your inspirational poems.

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