June 15, 2008


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Speech delivered by Randall Butisingh some time ago to a mixed religious gathering

The Almighty in his Infinite wisdom has created for the purpose of procreation, man and woman. He has instituted and sanctified matrimony when the two become one, an indivisible bond. In Hinduism there is no divorce; the two are irrevocably joined. It is also enjoined in scripture that “ Whomsoever God hath joined, let not man put asunder”.

The purpose of marriage is primarily procreation, the bringing of other human beings into the world. Children are an investment and insurance for the future. Marriage is also for companionship between male and female, which companionship must grow in love as the couple grow in years If the union is to be successful, love between parents is essential for the nurture and upbringing of the child. To be conceived and nurtured in love are of more importance than instruction and restraint. Formal education can help a child to earn a living, but love will help a child to grow in grace and enjoy a high quality of life. Mere living or existing is not life.

A child nurtured in an atmosphere of love will have more mental and moral stability, will feel more secure, will be better emotionally adjusted, and will grow to be a valuable human resource for his country and for humanity as a whole. If all the homes could be loving homes, then all the communities would be good communities; then the world in which we live would be a better place with less crime, less poverty, as the resources of the world would not be squandered in making weapons of mass destruction, but would be utilized for peaceful constructive purposes.

The duty of rearing a child devolves on both father and mother. The loving of each must be felt by the child. There must be no partiality in relationships. The mother must accept the father as head, and the father must accept the responsibility of provider and protector.. The father must earn the respect of the family and will be as a shelter against the storms of life.. If he is to abdicate that duty, then the home will lose its bearings and will be exposed to assault from without and disintegration from within.

The love of mother is incomparable but the love of father can be as great.. With both these loves as models, will naturally follow sibling love, Then there will be peace and harmony in the home..

We are seeing in our society today where many of our own people who have entered this country for the purpose of fulfilling their material needs have broken ties of family and friendships and have become culturally orphaned. We have seen in this new life style broken homes due to a high divorce rate and homes where the father is a permanent absentee; where there are many cases of teenage pregnancies, where children are born out of wedlock and where the father is not ready to assume responsibility. The breakdown of family life is the root of most of the evils that pervade this society. The family, and not the individual is the unit of society.

Children from broken homes where the mother alone has to work to provide for all are missing the love and attention so desirable for growth and development. These children become insecure, maladjusted, insensitive and callous, and they view the world as a cruel place. They become antisocial with disregard for authority and are least amenable to discipline at home and school. These are the ones attracted to gangs for acceptance, protection and comradeship. These youths who choose the wrong road are not inherently evil. They are the products of this society. All are involved. This situation will never change until we revert to the era when the sanctity of marriage was upheld and there were very few broken homes, where there were integrated families and extended families living together and supporting one another, where elders were respected and the young protected.

I exhort you, parents, especially fathers to build strong family ties where love abides, and though you are in a different society to cling together as one large family, living your religion as it is intended to be, respecting those of others, and knowing that by so doing, you will be serving one Father, God, the Creator, of whom we are all His children.

Happy Father’s Day and God bless you.


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  1. randallbutisingh said,

    Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 00:41:30 -0700
    From: bekonkol@yahoo.com
    Subject: Re: FW: father’s day
    To: randallbutisingh@hotmail.com


    Thank you for the message. You always have a way of making me “pause” to think and consider things taking place around me. I appreciate it dearly.

    Some thoughts to share…during the past Father’s Day weekend, I read an amazing editorial in the local paper about a woman in her early 20’s who hadn’t seen her Father since she was about five years old, and all of a sudden, she was invited to attend his funeral. The woman was struggling with the various emotions, wondering “How can I attend the service when this person never was around when I grew up?” She felt as if the man was not a father, but more of a stranger. But, she ended up attending the funeral, only to sit and hear people speak about what a “great man” he was and all that. Her article focused on what it means to be a “Father”, and how it is different than being a mere “seed-planter”. All in all, it reminded me of a Sermon I once gave in Guyana using similar terms. Being a “father” and simply being a “seed planter” are two very different things!

    I am very fortunate in the fact that my Father did an amazing job of supporting our family financially, but he also took the time to play sports with us and participate in our lives. During my time in Guyana and now here in South Africa, it pains me to see so many young people who are growing up without a fatherly presence. Sadly, there are way too many “seed planters” and not enough Fathers who stick around to help the seed grow. And so, sometimes I wonder how this lack of fatherly presence has an effect on various other challenging situations in society, such as: lack of education, criminal activity, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, etc. Would so many of these things be an issue among young people if they had both a strong mother and a strong father in the household? I suppose there are the types of things I am wondering about these days.

    All in all…it’s always good to sit and ponder these important questions. It allows us to think about why things happen, and not only that, how it is that we might come together and consider ways and means of making it better.

    Hope all is well with you…I always look forward to hearing from you.

    With peace and love,

    Brian Konkal

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