June 10, 2008


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Living a long time doesn’t make us a better person automatically. Sometimes the years increase only our burden of guilt, not the quality of our behaviour. It would be wonderful if we could liveeven one day well. Many can tell you the date of their conversion, but their lives have little to show it.
Thomas a Kempis


We live by deeds, not years. One day lived intensely and with purpose is better and more productive than many years squandered aimlessly in selfish pursuits or transitory pleasures. To live long and to acquire discrimination, patience and humility is to live well.

-Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    Quality, not quantity.

    What better example than from the Man from Nazareth?
    Murdered at age thirty-three, yet his teachings and agape live on, after two millenia. It is difficult to think of any foot-print on THE SANDS OF TIME* so enduring.

    * H.W.Longfellow

  2. Great response Pat. Keep it up.

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