June 7, 2008


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When nothing seems to help,
I go and look at a stonecutter’
hammering away at his rock
perhaps a hundred times
without as much as a crack
showing in it. Yet at the
hundred and first blow it will
split in two, and I know it was
not that blow that did it – but
all that had gone before.

It was Winston Churchill, that indomitable Prime Minister who said these words:
Sometimes we work very hard at a problem and when we have got near to solving it,
we lose Patience and give up. I remember once I was trying hard to unscrew the stopper of a water bottle, but as much as I tried I could not unscrew it. A little child who was sitting near to me asked to let her try. I gave her and with a little twist , she unscrewed it. I hope you get the message.
One of my head teachers tried fourteen times before he passed the Matriculation Examination. He wanted to pass in logic and he tried until he did. He it was , who regularly drilled us with this poem on Patience:

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try, again;
Time will bring you your reward, try,try, try, again;
Patience is a test in life, for the goal have courage to strive;
Joy will come as a just reward, try, try, try, again.

Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    To persevere, “Be like water”, the most resilient of substances. It will eventually crack or work its way through the mightest of mountains, enroach into the largest continent and finally swallow it up. And yet it brings life to all that it touches.

    Tirelessley, it keeps on moving and eventually reaches and becomes one with its source. I am reminded of Sinatra’s great hit of the 1940’s, “Ole Man River,” he just keeps rolling along.
    Thanks Frankie.

    • Sadhana said,

      Wonderfully written, Patan. What talent!

  2. A great response as always Pat. You have all the information. Keep it up.

  3. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    Strike the nail aright, boys
    Hit it on the head
    Strike with all your might boys
    While the Iron’s red.

    When there’s work to do boys
    Do it with a will.
    Those who reach the top boys
    First must climb the “hill”.

    Standing at the foot boys,
    Gazing at the sky
    How can you get up boys
    If you never try

    Though you stumble oft boys
    Never be downcast
    Try and try again boys
    You’ll succeed at last!

    Can’t remember name of author.

    Sir, this was an immortal poem that you drilled into our young heads at Lusignan Anglican. I can never think of it without seeing your face.
    Remember what I said about the way you taught !

  4. Louis Liem said,

    Hi Randall!

    I’m glad to meet a blogger shares his life time experience. I’m sure I’ll learn much from you and I hope I’ll keep sharing when I hit 95 🙂

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