June 6, 2008


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when the spitting fire is calm
when the intense heat is past
when the flaming fury is spent
how wide is the ashes.”

Author unknown

Anger is the most destructive emotion.  If it is not restrained and allowed to flare, it renders one temporarily insane.  When reason is lost, one can become violent and go to the extent of breaking the Sixth Commandment.  When reason returns, one sees the folly of one’s anger, but then it is too late, the damage is already done and one has to live with the consequences.

There is a saying that “anger may glance in the heart of the wise, but it rests in the bosom of fools.  When I was a child in school I learnt this from my Reader: “Before you speak an angry word, count ten, and if still you angry be, count again.”

A humble person controls anger easily.  It is the proud that falls prey to anger. He is pervious to the slightest insult.  His ego cannot take it.  He has to retaliate, sometimes with dire consequences,

Indignation is sometimes mistaken for anger. Indignation comes when one sees wrong done to others.  Our Lord, who was incarnate, displayed indignation when he drove those out of the temple who used it for commerce.

Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,


    Point to ponder.

    Using that indignance as you explained, why then not be indignant and drive the bad guys out of Tibet, the gov’ts of Myanmar, Zimbabwe, etc.? Not necessarily by force, either.

    Quite idealistic!! However, we are all collectively guilty.

    The answer is complicated, and the injustices meted out by those regimes to their defenceless citizens are tolerated by certain world powers for selfish ends. Remember the genocide in East Timor committed by the Indonesian army while four sitting US Presidents paid no heed to their plight?

  2. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    By the way, thanks for your info on Dubai. Can you please put it on your BLOG?
    I would love to go there when I grow up in 2011.
    I am also happy to contribute to their coffers with somebody else’s $$$.
    People, please purchase more SUV’s and drive like heck, to nowhere. Those poor Dubaians and Saudis really need our help.

    Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! (not for horses.) Guess who put members of the Saudis’ ruling family (referred to as royalty,) on homeward bound jets, hours after the 9/11 catastrophe?
    Not any of my friends.

    Without the greed of Americans in high offices the price of oil would not be so devastating. We voted them in, and must face the consequences.
    Are all presidents the pawns of big Corporations? Think of the AMA, the drug companies, Monsanto, etc.

    Again SIR, please put that article on your BLOG.

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