June 3, 2008


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Without Love, good works are useless, but with love they become wholly rewarding, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem.  God places more importance on the reason you work than on how much work you actually do.  A person does much who loves much; he does much who does it well; he does it well who serves the common good rather than himself.
St. Thomas a Kempis.

A comment:

Doing good works without being motivated by love just because one has it in abundance is like sowing seeds in a large field which will bear only weeds in profusion. When motivated by love, however small is the field, even a garden patch, your seeds will bear good fruit in abundance and give happiness to many.

–Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,


    Yours could be seen as a Testimonial to the greatest “Labour of love” performed in contemporary times, by “The Goddess of Calcutta,*” Mother Theresa.
    Her love, in this sense, “Agape,” surpassed the sum of all tokens of charity displayed by rulers of princely kingdoms, and leaders of States in the last millenium.

    Her compassion and selfless duty to a suffering humanity was boundless, and her Mission in Calcutta will endure like the symbol of the Cross.

    * my own tribute to her Divinely Inspirational works.

  2. phil said,

    This is eternal news of the universe. It’s wonderful to hear this kind of wisdom in a time when things are falling apart. The center might not hold, but love endures.

    Thank you, Mr. Butisingh! It’s a better day for me.

  3. Thanks Pat. You have endorsed my comment in a great response. Looking forward for more of you.

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