May 29, 2008


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Give and it will be given unto you – good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over will they pour into your lap. Luke 6 : 38

Give and give and give of what you have been endowed with by the Creator – your talents, your strength, your wealth in the measure it has been given to you. Seeds locked in a container are of no use. They must be scattered in the fields where they will germinate and grow into plants and trees that will produce fruit that will nourish and sustain life and yield more seeds. Giving, motivated by Love does not diminish the giver but enhances him. The cup of Love never runs dry; it always overflows. He who loves can never be in want. He is fulfilled and all sufficient.

— Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    Giving a large donation and then announcing it to the media is the purchasing of advertisements; it diminishes magnanimity, if not completely neutraliizing its philantropic essence.

    Anyway good people, please continue to give, regardless of the publicity. There have been instances of well known persons holding up babies on TV, in African countries, while the more serious givers remain annonymous.

    Be inspired by the acts of the last saint, Mother Theresa.

  2. Azad said,

    One who truly gives and expects nothing in return is what I consider a real “GIVER”. That is a rarity in todays’ society,to find or even hear of such a person. People in general disguises acts of kindness and have an ulterior motives when giving.

    On a personal note,the times I’ve given and felt happiest about it ,was unsolicited donations or random acts of kindness.

  3. A good response Pat. Thanks!

  4. Thanh Azad for visiting my blog and giving that favourable response. I truly appreciate. Hope to hear from you again.

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