May 21, 2008


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As far back as 1954, I wrote a paper on the ”The Role of the School after doing a six-week course for heads and senior teachers of the need of Sex education in Schools.. This is what I wrote: “This subject should find a place in the programme for practical hygiene as the great majority of children leave school during adolescence. Even the Draft Curriculum Guide has given no indication of what can be done in this respect… This is not surprising because even in England and other progressive countries, this need has not been adequately met. This, no doubt is due to a taboo which is gradually wearing away.’

“Sex Education should not be an isolated subject, but rather one viewpoint of a much broader programme of mental and human relationships.” C.W. Valentine on psychology and its bearing on education suggests two principles of procedure. First that the child should be taught some of the main facts as to sex before he or she reaches the stage of adolescence, when it becomes emotionally exciting, though some repetition and extension is desirable during adolescence. Secondly, they should be taught by a person who adopts a calm and rational attitude.

We teach the circulation of the blood and other bodily functions, but never a hint of the most important biological function. We teach the prevention of diseases like typhoid and tuberculosis, but never a word about the social diseases which statistics show has victims among teenagers also. We warn our pupils about the dangers of cigarette smoking and rum drinking, but nothing is said about the dangers of the prostitute. We teach what happens when we overeat and overwork, but teach nothing about sexual abuse. Sex remains a mystery to most adolescents except those who have learnt about it in a crude and erroneous way from other adolescents and indiscreet adults.”

This subject has always been the concern of many conscientious teachers, and I know of an elderly female teacher who took the initiative to speak to a group of girls whom she found laughing at the shape of a pregnant woman. This she did truthfully and skillfully, changing their attitude to one of wonder and reverence. With the right teachers and change of attitude in parents, this subject could be reasonably met.

Sex has been greatly abused. Civilized man, unlike

Primitive man and the lower animals, carries sex in his head. He uses it as an end rather than as a means. He has no season for it, so he indulges as the gourmet does with food. Many are the diseases caused by the abuse of food and sex.

Not long ago, one thought that genital herpes was the ultimate affliction for sexual indiscretion. One did not foresee a more dangerous and devastating killer, the HIV virus awaiting the sexual adventurer. Millions today are affected by this deadly virus which threatens even the lives of the innocent. Nothing can stop this scourge unless man become wise as regard the true function of sex and the value of continence through proper sex education.

The suggested use of condoms for the prevention of the spread of AIDS and of teenage pregnancy, though palliative to some extent, encourages greater abuse and violates the moral code which sustains healthy and loving relationships – that commitment of one man to one woman, not tainted by premarital sex which the Church calls fornication, and not sullied by extra marital relations, adultery.

Though these excesses are redeemable by conversion through Grace, the scar of indulgence remains, after taking its toll on the health of body and mind.

Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    I deeply admire your courage for approaching such a taboo subject with complete analytical observation, fifty-four years ago.
    I wonder, what was the churches’ reaction that at the time?

    You see, Sex Education should be extended to all sections of society, especially the “learned clergy,” who control the minds of the masses, and it must include the curbing of the world’s population, and homosexual activities within the church; you stated in earlier writings, the scarcity of earth’s resources, food being on top of the list.

    The reality is,- more mouths are being brought into existence by a need to “control and ensure job security” for certain segments of influential people.
    Two of the world’s leading churches with more than two billion adherents unashamedly support unrestricted population growth.

    Indira Gandhi, in the seventies, tried giving away transistor radios to fathers with more than one child, for voluntary vasectomies. Some “wise” men in particular religious beliefs preached against her offer, thus millions more added to the starvation list in the sub-continent.

    Your pupil,
    Patanjali Ramlall

    It is also taboo to speak about churches the way the response was written.

  2. Kids are America’s most precious and most at-risk citizens. With drugs and peer pressure facing them on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that mental illness and drug abuse is at an all time high. Problems facing American children.

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