May 10, 2008


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This is a letter from Dr. Anil Kumar, a Hindu , to me when I was recuperating from a very serious and painful illness in 2002. Deprived of the use of my legs through bad circulation and had to undergo an operation with no certainty of being able to walk unaided again, by His grace, I can stand again and walk unaided with just minor discomfort.

WHY DOES ONE SUFFER? – A Hindu point of view.

Spiritually based on Vedic teachings, one may reconcile and call it Prarabhda (destiny) Karma. Another explanation can be that, when one is ready for his/her advancement ascension, the Almighty upon His own assessment and coordinating with the needs of His creation would impose this perceived episode of suffering. Thus, perceived suffering may just be a lesson test needing to be mastered by that individual. Hence, if the Almighty did not consider that individual worthy of this lesson prashad (blessing) one would not have received it.

Please be assured that the above is not a sermon to others only, but also applicable to myself as well. I am very certain that both Shri Butisingh and Ms Diane Dalton being spiritually oriented are currently facing their physical pain and worldly problems with a positive attitude. Also it is the Almighty’s kindness to direct fellow beings to provide encouragement to both these people in hours of their need. I personally would like to offer any service that either of these two spiritual beings consider me worthy of providing them.

— Dr. Anil Kumar


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