April 30, 2008


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(Another peep into history)

Letter written to the Guiana Graphic when Kwame Nkrumah. The Ghanian president was removed by a coup in 1966.

I am in thorough agreement with your leader on Tuesday last – “Civil Servants or Civil Masters”. I would like to add that I am disappointed in the attitude of the Ghanian premier..

In this age when good relationships are necessary for international peace, I consider his remarks uncharitable and of bad taste. It must have been humiliating to the Britons present who served the country in its Colonial Status. As a leader who practiced some Gandhism for the liberation of his country, he has not learnt the lesson.

Humanity is indivisible and it is our duty to welcome all regardless of race, colour or creed as equals. Colonialism is an important stage in the development of some countries. It is only hazardous when it fails to raise the standard of living and the quality of life of the individual. It is the childhood stage of a nation in the making and has many advantages. Nkrumah himself is a product of what he calls Colonialism, and he is no mean product.

Life is made up of the bitter and the sweet, sorrow and joy, the rose and its thorns. If Ghanians had paid for their Independence, as India did, with Blood, Tears and Sweat, it would have meant all the more to them, and they would have all been stronger for the experience.

A struggle-less existence results in a moral namby-pambyness which is degenerating and disintegrating. Let Guianese too learn this lesson.

Randall Butisingh

Background Information:

In 1950 Nkrumah initiated a campaign of “positive action” when he practiced Ghandism by involving non-violent protests, strikes and non-cooperation with the British Colonial authorities. In 1952, he became Prime Minister of the Gold Coast. In 1957 he became Prime Minister of the Gold Coast and British Togoland when they became an independent state within the British Commonwealth.. It was here where he made the tactless utterance: “You may remain here as civil servants but not as civil masters”. By a plebiscite in 1966 Ghana became a Republic and Nkrumah its President with wide executive powers under a new constitution. Nkrumah did well at first and the country prospered, but later he became involved in campaigning for the political unity of Black Africa. He began to lose touch with realities in Ghana. He became involved in magnificent but ruinous projects, so that a once prosperous country became crippled with debt.

In 1966, when Nkrumah was visiting Peking, the army and police seized power. Nkrumah found asylum in Guinea. He died of cancer in Bucharest in i972.


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