April 29, 2008


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The Internet was created some 15 years ago and its real effects are now being felt around the world. It has literally overturned the way we communicate and do business and its democratic influence threatens the vested interests in business, governments and repressive entities. Internet neutrality must be maintained if the Internet is to achieve its fullest potential. The plan for Humanity Lobotomy has to be prevented.

The following video discusses this important issue of “Internet Neutrality”, which is the democratic use of the Internet by all users based on their connection speed. In today’s Internet the Internet provider (telephone or cable company) supplies a connection only and does not control the content with fees to large users, however the large media corporations see the effect of the democratic media on their monopolies and are in the process of locking down the Internet by establishing various levels of service.

This issue of Net Neutrality which threatens to lobotomize the communications future of the Internet has become a hot issue in the USA elections in 2008, where members of Congress are being queried and measured on their stance on this most important subject, as it is the Congress that will give the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the power to allow a tiered Internet to become a reality.

This could spell the end of the Internet as we know it as speed limitations are put on “free services” not paying the premiums. The Internet could then follow the way of the printing press, radio and television back in the hands of monopolies and oligopolies. If the USA implements any laws that affect Internet neutrality other nations will surely follow, and therefore this is a very important issue that has to be addressed to ensure a democratic Internet in the years to come. Here is the Video entitled “Humanity Lobotomy” – Second Draft:


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