April 24, 2008


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Christian ministers and their flocks, people who profess to follow Jesus, but are only acting contrary to His teachings, and hundreds of millions whose sweat and tears are funding this devastating spree of murder and mayhem, and are doing nothing to stop it. It is true: the people get the Government they deserve.

No one is fit for leadership who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who wallows in luxury, never knows hunger and is oblivious of the suffering of the poor and needy; and has not been burnished in the crucible of Adversity.

It was Abraham Lincoln, that great leader who had to walk twelve miles to get an education and split logs for a living who said: “Am I not destroying my enemy when I make him my friend?” and Woodrow Wilson when he said: “Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together.” But born again Christians think otherwise. You don’t have to turn the other cheek; you don’t even have to wait to retaliate after an attack, you only have to act on suspicion and preempt an assault. It doesn’t matter how many of your soldiers you put at risk, or how many innocent civilians get slain. Did not the God of the Old Testament order his chosen people to slaughter a whole nation, men women and children and even animals? Were not those His children also?

Where was Bob Dole after his defeat by Bill Clinton.? What has he been doing after his defeat? Clinton served two terms as president under many limitations, but he balanced the budget and left a surplus, and now he is spending his money and time in helping poor people in Africa. The world loves him; he gets applause wherever he goes.

What legacy will the current U.S. President George Bush leave? What will he do when he leaves office?

— Randall Butisingh


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