April 23, 2008


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A letter to the British Guiana press during the days of Colonialism…

In my opinion the problem of unemployment is a problem of the character and of prejudice. Much blame can be laid in this direction on the inadequacy of the Educational System.

No matter how much can be said in favour of an academic training, if too much stress is laid on it, as it is at present, a wrong sense of values will be fostered and habits inimical to the best interests of the individual and society will be cultivated.

The white collar consciousness of most of the products of our schools is deplorable and should be viewed with alarm. It is not one that can realize National Independence and stability. Man’s basic needs are food, clothing and shelter, and any proper system of education will pay regard to these needs of the individual and help to equip him in order to fulfill them.

It is surprising how much land is allowed to remain idle, while youths who have finished school fritter away their time in idleness or roam about to do mischief. If they were taught the use of their hands and the dignity of labour, and were equipped with a resourcefulness of character, the situation would not be as grave as it is today.

We have no Secondary Modern Schools in this country to cater for that dangerous period when our children leave the Primary School, so until we have that necessity, our Primary Education must fit the child to bridge that gap between his leaving school and the time he is either apprenticed or find suitable employment. In this respect, systematic manual training by apt teachers will be of great importance.

Gardening, woodwork, needlecraft, domestic science and the like must predominate in the curriculum. Too much time is wasted in the spelling of unimportant words and in calculating irrelevant sums. Let our education fit the child to live and to live with, and we shall at the same time be tackling the sinister problem of delinquency.

Randall Butisingh


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