April 11, 2008


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(a peep into history)

Georgy Malenkov (1902-1988) was a Soviet politician, Communist Party leader and close collaborator of Joseph Stalin. He briefly became leader of the Soviet Union (from March to September 1953) after Stalin’s death and was Premier from 1953 to 1955. During these years, he was opposed to nuclear weapons, declaring “a nuclear war could lead to global destruction.” He also advocated refocusing the economy on the production of consumer goods and away from heavy industry, which his successor Nikita Khrushchev (1955-1964) would escalate.

Malenkov made a three week state visit to Britain in April 1956, and was well received by many. However there were protests as reported in this Time magazine article:-

… “Not everyone was so misty-eyed. One evening last week Manchester’s ornate old Free Trade Hall, a familiar shrine of well-intentioned protests, was jammed with 2,500 Britons and East European refugees (including the famed Polish World War II General Anders), who had gathered at a shilling a head to protest the forthcoming visit of Russians Khrushchev and Bulganin. The meeting was called by waspish Punch Editor Malcolm Muggeridge. Resolving with a group of friends to “do something about these murderers coming here,” Muggeridge had tried to rent London’s own sedate Albert Hall for the occasion, but he was turned down cold. “They told me,” he said, “that Billy Graham was all right, but that I was too hot.” Time Magazine – April 9, 1956.


Letter to the Editor: of the GUIANA GRAPHIC, in 1956.

MALENKOV’s VISIT TO BRITAIN – By: Randall Butisingh

There seems to be some suspicion among readers as regards the visits of prominent leaders like Malenkov, the Premier of Russia to the Mother Country. I, as a layman in power politics, think that much good can be derived from regular interchange of visits.

Mankind is the same all over the world and ideologies and religious beliefs are the convictions of individuals and not of entire nations. That the Russian ideology is Communistic is only true to the extent that the government, by the strength of its military power, has been able to give it that semblance…Every other country of the world has its band of deep-dyed Communists whose activities are frustrated by the Government.

My opinion in this matter is: that since the death of the arch Communist Dictator, Stalin, his inhibited satellites have been able to sniff the air of freedom. Malenkov’s lack of restraint in public is psychological proof of the inhibition of the Russian people. If the masses are not free, rulers cannot be free. The escape of prominent Russians, time and again has provided proof that all is not well in Russia. It will not be easy for any Government to keep a people permanently in bondage; “the worms will turn.”

Soviet Atheistic Communism is not an inevitable process in the evolution of society; it is a reaction to despotism and must eventually pass. It is the bitter medicine for a very bad disease and its service can only be temporary, or else it will poison the whole system of the body politic.

Democracy must necessarily survive. As professor Radhakrishna puts it: “Democracy is not a political arrangement, it is an urge of the soul.”
So, even in Communist dominated countries, Democracy with its timeless value is making inroads in the hearts of individuals, including leaders. We may suspect leaders, but if we suspect nations, we suspect ourselves and deny brotherhood which De Lawrence says: “is not a matter of sentiment but a fact of nature.” At this critical moment in history, nothing can be achieved by suspicion and mistrust. Mutual understanding must predominate over statesmanship and diplomacy in order to solve the present problem. The needs of all humanity are the same. All mankind is one and have one spiritual goal. If the question of real peace is not approached in a spirit of love, we will have a forced peace beneath the rubble of a shattered civilization.

2008 Update: After many years we have seen the downfall of Communism in the Soviet Union; the break-down of the Berlin Wall and the lessening of tensions between East and West.

Randall Butisingh


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