April 7, 2008


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If economic growth is founded on the ever-increasing reliance on chemicals, toxins, poisons, and energy by-products, then we will choke on the growth that is supposed to save us.

Paul Hawken


We all live on Planet Earth -with ecosystems that were once balanced. Our “scientists” have “created ” products that have disrupted this ecological balance. Many of these products will eventually affect the human DNA and global warming may create devastating reactions as many ecosystems collapse due to the destruction of the natural environment which has accelerated over the last 50 years.

The economists, politicians and most of the populace have been programmed to believe that economic growth measured in GDP and GNP are the only true measures of progress. To them, the qualitative aspects of life due to the effects of growth are just footnotes to a statistical analysis. Now that the evidence is in regarding global warming, chemical pollution, and ecological destruction, few can honestly dismiss the stark realities that the world now faces.

The problem is that the solutions that are required would mean a revolutionary paradigm shift, or complete change in how the world is run, how we live and what is really important in life. We will have to accept that there are limits of growth; that products must be eco-friendly; that the quality of life must be paramount and that blind consumerism is destructive and mindless as well as spiritually empty. This change in human behavior may not come about unless forced to through a global economic collapse.

Entrenched vested interests that control the present economic systems will not easily surrender their power or corporations to a new world where they may not be influential. We have the capability of transforming the world with solar, wind and tidal energy systems. We can reduce the uses of fossil fuels and stop the use of destructive chemicals. … but could we do so quickly enough – before we annihilate ourselves and future generations. It is truly a difficult situation as we are told that there will be famines if we stopped using pesticides, herbicides and other deadly agricultural chemicals.

We do not have much time left to listen to the international organizations, governments, corporations and influential people who state the problems but take no real action. All we have had over the last 30 years or so are conferences and lip service rather than concrete solutions. Delays are in the interests of the vested entrenched thinking of those who look for corporate profits, while others suppress solutions and alternate discoveries for their own personal economic and political reasons.

The time for ACTION is NOW, before the ecosystems of Planet Earth self-destruct.

— Cyril Bryan – cybryan@gmail.com


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