April 2, 2008


Posted in Education, Philosophy, Thoughts tagged , , , , , , , at 12:08 am by randallbutisingh

VIDYAA (Hindi for Knowledge, Education, Learning, Skill, Discipline)
(A translation from the Hindi by Randall Butisingh)
Vidyaa sam dhan anya dhana… . .There is no wealth like knowledge
Aur nahin sansaar                        in the world
Dene se saba dhan ghate            By giving away wealth, it decreases
Vidyaa barhtee apaar.                but by sharing Knowledge, it increases.

Raajah chor hare nahin               The king or the thief cannot take it away
Gupt hridaya men baas               It is hidden inside the heart
Na talwaar se kaate jaaya          The sword cannot cut it
Na jal agnee se naash.               nor can water and fire destroy it.

Learning is better than silver and gold.


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