March 31, 2008


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Call no faith false which e’er hath brought
Relief to any laden life;
Cessation to the pain of thought,
Refreshment mid the dust of strife.

Sir Lewis Morris (1833-1907)

Last Sunday something striking occured which came to my attention and caused me to ponder. Three important Festivals of the three great Religions happened on the same day. I was told that a Jewish festival was also celebrated on that day. The Festivals were Easter, Holi and Youman Nabi. Easter celebrates the risen Christ, the conquest of death iand the promise of life everlasting l for all true believers. Holi celebrates the advent of Spring and the triumph of Good over Evil, and Youman Nabi celebrates the Birthday of the prophet Muhamad whose teachings are much misunderstood by many westerners and also by many of those who profess Islam.

Thiis occurrence should be a wake-up call to all adherents of the Three great religions for Tolerance and a striving towards Unity and Peace, for all paths as the poet indicated lead to the same goal.

Randall Butisingh


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