March 30, 2008


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In earlier times the knowledge of a society was within its geographical space – an island surrounded by a vast ocean of ignorance. The Industrial Revolution sped up the evolutionary process aided by the Gutenberg printing press which made books and information available and affordable to almost everyone. Now we are in the midst of the new Information Age where the amassing of knowledge and its storage and retrieval is rising exponentially.

Over the last ten years the Internet has extended our ability to instantly research almost any idea or subject. This ability surpasses the old research library and makes us even more aware of how little we really know. Seeing this massive complexity of knowledge therefore makes us conclude that knowledge is infinite. The more we learn, the more we realize what we do not know, and makes us even more conscious of our ignorance in a world that has become infinitely more complex.

The pursuit of knowledge must therefore be a lifelong quest – an enjoyable journey that has no end.

Cyril Bryan –


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  1. A scholarly exposition of knowledge, worthy of attention. The quest for knowledge should be a journey every one should take. You will grow stronger and wiser as you go along and find beauty, happiness and peace.

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