March 26, 2008


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Tulsidas Das, the writer of the Ramayan an epic which treats of the exploits of Lord Rama , the Incarnation of Vishnu, the sustainer god in the Trinity of Hinduism wrote in one of his poems;

Compassion is the source of all the virtues
and Pride the source of hell;

but Swami Vaswani went a little further and said: “Humility is the greatest of all virtues. Indeed humility is more than a virtue.” He continued: “that humble, gentle saint of the Catholic Church, Cure of Ars, rightly said;  ‘Humility is to the virtues what the chain is to the rosary.  Remove the chain and all the beads escape.  Take away humility and all the virtues disappear.”

So, you see, without humility, there can be no virtue.  Pride gives rise to negative emotions like anger. envy, jealousy, prejudice and the like. It takes insults easily and is ready to take revenge; but humility cannot be insulted; it cannot be pulled down as it is already down and nothing can provoke it.  humility is the same in approbation and abuse.

Randall Butisingh


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