March 25, 2008


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If at first you don’t succeed,Try, try, try, again;
Time will bring you your reward,Try try, try, again;
Patience is a test in life,
For the goal, have courage to strive,
Joy will come as a just reward.
Try! try!! try!!! again.

This little poem I learnt in school when I was a boy.  Today, more than ever I come to realise what a great virtue Patience is.  We have the ability to achieve whatever we desire, if we work assiduously towards it and never give up at any point.  Nothing is impossible.  Napoleon said: Impossibility is to be found in the dictionary of fools; but do not be as Napoleon to strive for conquest of dominions, but for the conquest of hearts.  For “what profits a man if he wins the whole world and loses his own soul.”  Napoleon found this out at Elba to his utter shame and disgrace.

Randall Butisingh


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