March 24, 2008


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Remember at all times that moderation in all things is essential for good health, and temperance is good medicine. Eat and drink in: moderation; food is a means for our sustenance and not an end in itself, and so is sex and work. Abuse or perversion of any of these will have dire consequences in sickness and severe illnesses. Wine is good. Our Lord used it and gave it to His disciples, but if you use it to the point of addiction, it becomes bad. Addiction is being slave to a habit; this diminishes character and integrity becomes vulnerable.

Remember also that all creation has a purpose, so do not go about trampling every insect in your path or killing a snake. Every living creature has a right to live, just the same as you have. Try to find out the purpose of its existence. Today, our very existence is threatened because we are consistently endangering and eliminating our animal friends. Do not kill the bee because it stings. The sting is for its protection and survival so that it can pollinate your crops and give you honey and wax.

Today we are faced with the prospect of starvation. Millions of honey bees are dying because of pollution by harmful chemicals in the air. This will have dire consequences: food shortage, high prices, and consequent starvation, especially of the poor in this rich country, some of whom have to scrounge in the garbage for sustenance.

Alas for man, the apex of God’s creation, the intellectual who has invented the computer, who can capture sights and sounds for his enjoyment, who can invade space and land on the moon, he can also invent weapons of mass destruction to annihilate his brother man, and can so reduce himself to less than a brute to satisfy his greed and lust.

It is time for all men of goodwill to shake off complacency and shout against the injustice and tyranny of the few, and do not maintain their neutrality in this hour of Crisis.

Randall Butisingh


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