March 21, 2008


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Why Good Friday. The man Jesus the Messiah, the Christ, that aspect of Him which the disciples could not see, the Father in Him, but which they understood when the Comforter came. Then they realised they were willing to die for His cause for they were not seeing now as through a glass darkly but were seeing clearly, and were already in eternity. But why, when Jesus died such a horrible, humiliating painful death, the darkest day in human experience, is the day called Good Friday? It is because Christians believe that that was the purpose for which He came, to lay down His life as the price for the redemption of their sins.

Randall Butisingh



  1. Patanjali Ramlall said,

    It’s strange that very few people understand the significance of Good Friday. This gentle man was put on the cross for his belief in peace and love. Some of us continue to pay lip service to him and still act as if we believe everything in our hearts. How in the name of Jesus can we invade and occupy a country and kill, maim, and destroy the lives of untold tens of thousands. It is beyond my comprehension. I continue to hope that there is still some good in Good Friday.

    Thank you, Guru Randall,

    Patanjali Ramlall

  2. Thanks Pat for that response. Jesus was inded a man of peace and of great humility. He did not retaliate after an insult or injury; and advised us to turn the other cheek after being smitten by an enemy. Yet in His name, there are those who profess to follow Him, will without provocation, kill and maim thousands of His children. They will also torture and humiliate there fellow man with the excuse of getting information to protect their own sordid selves, ignoring the fact that we are all God’s children, brothers, kin and inheritors of His Kingdom.

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