March 16, 2008

CIVILIZATION – Good and evil

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CIVILIZATION – Good and evil

Our modern civilization has the capacity for both good and evil. The globalization processes are moving us relentlessly towards a world that is centrally controlled and manipulated. We know the good that some discoveries have brought to mankind. However, we also know the evil that pollution, nuclear bombs and modern warfare have done and are doing today.

Many wonder whether we should not live simpler lives and be less materialistic. However the brain washing that promotes materialism is overpowering. Most people have bought into the idea that “success” means collecting money and material wealth. Satan promised Jesus the whole world. Today Satan promises all mankind the whole world! Man without a soul is like a stone … and to dust all mankind must return anyway. The focus on material wealth, and the suppression of spiritual growth is therefore hastening the death of the soul of “modern man”.

Cyril Bryan –


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  1. Muse said,

    Well said…amen.

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