March 13, 2008


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Infinity cannot be measured with the tools of Science.  Science can only explore the finite.  Wherever you are and wherever you may go, no matter what the distance apart, you are still at the centre.  Our universe has a galaxy, the milky way with its innumerable stars, the sun, a small star when compared with others; the earth, a small planet, with the moon its satellite, on which there is life; and other planets and their satellites.  With larger and larger telescopes, we are discovering stars so far away, that travelling at the speed of light, they will take a hundred years to reach the earth  So vast is our universe..  What we do not know is if there are other universes with suns and earths like ours.  All this boggles the mind; and yet man with all his brilliant intellect, who cannot create a leaf or flower, fails to perceive that his universe and he himself, cannot be the result of chance, but that of an incomprehensible, inscrutable , ineffable designer, one without beginning or ending. To have a glimpse of the infinite, one has to cross the bounds of reason and enter the realm of intuition.

Randall Butisingh.


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