March 3, 2008


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(an observation by Randall Butisingh)

One sometimes thinks that those who profess Atheism are nearer to the truth that the Born again Christian Literalist who perceives God as an old, austere man, with flowing white beard sitting on a throne and His only son sitting at His right hand. But the Atheist, with all his bright intellect cannot create a single leaf or flower or understand anythiing beyond the phenomenol. Those who perceive God, not as without form or colour, or without attributes, but as an inscrutable, incomprehensible all powerful No Thing that pervades every atom of creation, animate and inanimate, may be nearest to the Truth. Man’s intellect will never be able to fathom God. So if any devotee wants to label this incomprehensible force as God, Ishwar or Allah, What is the matter with that? What say you Atheist, is there no God? For me, there is!

How perceptive of Pope when he wrote:
Kknow then thyself, presume not God to scan,
The proper study of mankind is man.

Alexander Pope


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