February 29, 2008


Posted in Environment, Thoughts tagged , , , , , , , , , at 12:21 pm by randallbutisingh

The instinctive Bee, our teacher of industry and diligence, and the  indispensable friend of the farmer, is being threatened with extinction by the activities of intellectual man, the apex of  God’s creation, who, through greed for short time gains, is polluting the environment with noxious chemicals sprayed in the air.  Yet those who are promising to bring change, and alleviate  suffering, rant about the economy, and terrorism. and ignore the possibility of starvation if this trend should continue.

The plunge into unprovoked warfare by a born again christian has opened a Pandora’s Box and also landed the nation into a quagmire; now this violation of nature is threatening our very survival as a species..

 Randall Butisingh

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