February 20, 2008


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by Randall Butisingh

As a believer in the Teachings of Jesus who was the Christ, the Messiah, who said He was the son of the unchanging God, the All Wise, the All Powerful, the All Pervading; the man who taught Love and Forgiveness, even to those who are your enemies. I am at a loss to know why born again Christians fail to adhere to his teachings but revert to the teachings of the Old Testament of the Jews who rejected Him and crucified Him; which teachings they take literally; every dot and comma. Some of them say that they do not, however, take the one that says: “No man can serve two masters………God and money.” Can they be true Christians? In my opinion, I cannot see how they are.

According to the Old Testament, the Jews’ God, Jehovah, did things for which He regretted, like when He drowned His people in the Flood.  He is said to be a jealous God, in the second of the Ten Commandments, who visits the sins of the father unto the third and fourth generation. He also showed vindictiveness and cruelty when he told the prophet Samuel to order King Saul to slaughter every Amelakite, man, woman and child and to destroy all their livestock.  There are other instances in the Old Testament where He differed from the God of the New Testament who was a loving God, ever forgiving.

Can both these Gods be reconciled?  Let Christians think and choose.


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