February 6, 2008


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“Anger may glance in the heart of the wise, but it rests in the bosoms of fools.”

There are two kinds of anger – one destructive and the other constructive. Destructive anger is motivated by the negative emotions of pride, hate, jealousy and the like which give rise to feelings of revenge. The individual then loses reason and becomes temporarily insane. He can then go to the extreme by committing homicide.

On the other hand, the anger which is constructive is motivated by compassion when one sees the wrong doings of others. This anger does not destroy but seeks to protect, to help and to save. It is better known as righteous indignation. It was the kind of anger that caused Jesus to clear the temple of those who were making it “A DEN OF THIEVES”

“Before you speak an angry word, count ten; and if still you angry be count again.”

Randall Butisingh


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