February 1, 2008


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Hope alone is to be called “realistic,” because it alone takes seriously the possibilities with which all reality is fraught.  It does not take things as they happen to stand or to lie, but as progressive, moving things with possibilities of change.  Only as long as the world and the people in it are in a fragmented and experimental stage which is not yet resolved, is there any sense in earthly hopes….

Thus hopes and anticipations of the future are not a transfiguring glow superimposed upon a darkened existence, but are realistic ways of perceiving the scope of our real possibilities, and as such they set eveything in motion and keep it in a state of change.  Hope and the kind of thinking that goes with it consequently cannot submit to the reproach of being utopian, for they do not strive after things that have “no place,” but after things that have “no place as yet” but can acquire one.

Jurgen Moltmann


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